“Rapist Monster” Remains His Friend

Simon Just used to be a prolific blogger, until he was arrested for allegedly stalking a rape victim. Mixed in with his prolific targeting of the poor woman, via his deeply obsessive blog, was a post  in which, he spoke out in support of a Mr Darren Laverty.


Darren Laverty

Some twenty years ago Mr Laverty, who had been in the Welsh care system, gave an interview which was published in the Observer. In that interview, Mr Laverty appears to have admitted taking part in the gang rape of a 14 year old girl. The Observer story is produced below, with the title A tearaway who was terrorised for six years.

It should be noted that, 20 years later, Mr Laverty has claimed that he did not make the admissions as set out in the Observer article, and is attempting to crowdsource funding to sue the newspaper. At the time of writing, his GoFundMe appeal has raised £435 in 9 months.


Remarkably, despite calling Mr Laverty a rapist and a monster, Mr Just went on to defend Mr Laverty on the basis that he was in care, and he was a child. Mr Just’s post is produced below, with appropriate highlighting.


In the above post, you can see that Mr Just accepts that Mr Laverty is a rapist, and that he calls him a monster. You can also see that he justifies what must have been an extremely traumatic gang rape on the basis that the rapists were children.

This might seem like an extraordinary position to take, given that Mr Just has set himself up as a childhood sexual abuse (CSA) campaigner. So why the lenient treatment of Mr Laverty? Why the justifications, and downplaying of a horrendous crime?

The answer to the above questions is quite simple. At the time that post was written in June 2015, Mr Laverty and Mr Just were together, stalking the same CSA rape victim. Mr Laverty was also stalking a female journalist. So, we should not see Mr Just’s post as an aberrant, out of character post by a CSA campaigner, but as a stalker writing in support of his stalking partner.

One final point before I close this post. On 1st September 2016, when Darren Laverty was arrested on suspicion of stalking those two women, Simon Just deleted the above post from his blog. Would anyone like a hazard a guess as to why that was done? My guess is that it was done at the request of Mr Laverty, because he was concerned that jurors at a future trial might start searching the internet for information on him. I mean, no one likes a rapist, right?


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